I’m Sally Furnival and I always wanted to be a florist.

It’s a bit late now though because I’m in my (ahem) 70’s so I’m not about to start a new career anytime soon.

cottage garden

But I do have a lovely garden and I’m passionate about growing English flowers and trees. I love and admire those beautiful cottage gardens, though I’m afraid I’m no Gertrude Jekyll!  She had a wonderful way with planting that just eludes me. But I do have a lot of planters and hanging baskets in the summer and I try to find traditional plants that produce great flowers.

So this website is about my garden, the local countryside and some of the wonderful English flowers and trees that abound in this area.  I’ll be out and about with my camera, but I’m afraid I’m not the world’s best photographer either!

I hope my grandchildren will find this site inspiring and perhaps they’ll even come to help their old Gran do the occasional bit of weeding!

Right now I’m off to photograph some bluebells and perhaps I can find some primroses that are still hanging on.

See you later, alligator 🙂